Choosing the right education

After graduating high school, I enlisted in the military for eight months, but when that came to an end, I had to make a decision. I stood in front of a vast variority of educational choices.

I was very confused and thought about everything from archeology to business, I then ended up getting into surveying, and for everyone who doesn’t know what that is…

Surveying is the first step in a building process, basically before you’re able to build a house etc. you have to survey the land beforehand. As you might have guessed I did not enjoy this study, and therefore I dropped out 3 months later.

After then taking a break from studying yet again, I got bored out of my mind, and missed being in school learning. After I quit the surveyor study, i was fortunate to spot an open seat in the computer science study. I took my chance and got in!

I started on the 1st of february and have been enjoying it ever since. On the 22nd of march 2022, I decided that I wanted to showcase my progress and improvement over time.