Starting the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

3 Days ago I started the #100DaysOfCode

On the first day of the Challenge, I read and used the Responsive Web Design course over on .

This post will cover:

  • My experience so far
  • What my technique is to learn new things
  • Showing the results of my progress
Starting the Challenge

On the second day of the challenge

I decided in order for me to learn all of this, I have to repeat coding. And I also didn’t want to learn something new every single day, but actually wanted it to stick.

So I drew how I wanted the website to look, and I took a lot of inspiration from the assignment from freeCodeCamp.

A sketch I drew

This was the sketch I drew.

As you can see it is an exact copy of the picture just above.

I found the assignment over on freeCodeCamp hard, because I am used to program in Java. The syntax in HTML, is a lot different from Java.

Designing the webpage

Now to the real challenge, programming a webpage without looking at the code from . Using my memory I had an idea on how to create the website only using the sketch.

But whenever I had a question on how to do something, I went to, I wanted to improve my Googling skills. And trying to “act” as if I was doing this as a job.

I was very happy with the result!

The result!


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