Top 5 Skills Good Software Testers Must Possess Now

Being a Software Tester, I have identified Top 5 Must Have Skills, in order to be a Good Software Tester.

5: Experience with Jira or other Bug Reporting Tools

Jira Logo

During your working day, you interact a lot with Jira, or the bug reporting tool your company is using.

Jira is used by Software Engineers and developers, to keep track of what they need to do, and what they have already finished.

4: Experience with Agile Development

Number 4 and 5 on this list goes hand in hand, Jira supports agile development.

Agile development is a way of planning and controlling your software development. The key is to continuously provide value for your costumer. Some of the commen methodologies are: Scrum and Extreme programming. For more info:

3: Being Systematic and Skeptical

Most of the week you have to do repetitive tasks, so you need to have a systematic approach to your job. I like to have a list of all the things I have to do, during my day.

You need to be skeptical when you work, keep in mind even though you have seen the product 100 times, there is still something you might be missing. So with a good amount of skepticism, and logic you should be well rounded.

2: Independence

I have a lot of freedom at work, and as good as it is, as bad it can also be. In order to be productive and provide the company value, you need to be good at working alone and being your own boss. It can be a good idea to make a list of all the things you have to finish today, and keep a list of things that is not prioritized.

1: A Good Communicator

On number 1 I have put being a good communicator, and the reason for that is: When writing bug reports, you need to be precise when descriping how you made the bug occur, and write up a tutorial of how the Software Developers can provoke that bug. It is your most importnant role as a Software Tester, to commicate well with the team online aswell as in person.

Note: If you have noticed the most important aspects of testing software are primarily “soft skills”, the technical skills such as Jira and Agile development, you can always learn, but being a good communicator and being inpendent is far more importnant. THIS LIST IS BASED ON MY OWN OPINIONS.

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