What Have I Been Doing?! Excited News

I haven’t been posting on my website for 2 months..

The reason why I have not been posting on this website was because, I lost interest.

So what has happened? I finished my first term, and got a B on my exam. I’m glad that I still have an interest in studying Computer Science.

And as of recently I just got hired, as a Part time Software Tester at a game company. I am super excited, and look forward to start at my new position within the next week!

So what is yet to come?

I have about 2½ months of summer holidays, even though I have to work, I still want to learn something new.

During my first term, I had to learn Java and that was cool and all, but I’m a little tired of only writing Java, so I have decided to learn a new language. That is going to be JavaScript!

I will be posting my progress on here! So stay tuned. If you have any ideas on how I can improve my learning, feel free to contact me on my twitter @augustprintln.

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